Schools Tweet For the Win

Earlier this year, schools from across the country were asked to respond to two questions via Twitter in an attempt to win a 3D Printer.

The two questions were: “What does STEM look like at your school?” and “Why is teaching about STEM careers important?”

Graham Middle School in St. Paris, Ohio, a LIFT sponsored school, was a winner for their collective response on Twitter. The school principal, assistant principal, teachers and parents all weighed in on #STEM at their school.

Twitter responses highlighted some of the quintessential elements of STEM education. Schools tweeted about using green screen technology, 3Dprinters, Arduino, drones and much more as they competed to win a 3D printer from Chattanooga-based Learning Blade, an online middle school STEM program that highlights the connection between STEM Careers and core academics, who sponsored the contest.

Sonora Middle School in Springdale, Arkansas was a winner for inspiring STEM narrative. The school demonstrated through various tweets it’s unique and student-centered approach to STEM, inspiring more retweets and likes than all others.