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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow
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As a project based research and development institute, with a member-driven roadmap, led by industry need, LIFT works from concept through design, development and production, with our project teams to collaborate and play to the strength of each participating member to reach lightweighting goals and close the gap between research breakthroughs and the ability to bring them to the market.

LIFT’s technical approach focuses on six pillars of technology and is based on systems engineering principles which reduces the time required to go from idea to market by integrating the entire supply chain from primary manufacturing processes to design, customization, after-market support. See All Our Pillars


Melt Processing

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Powder Processing

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Thermo-mechanical Processing

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Novel/Agile Processing

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Joining and Assembly

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Crosscutting Themes

The LIFT technology focus also includes themes which cut across each of the technology pillars, including design, life-cycle analysis, validation/certification, cost modeling, supply chain, corrosion, ballistic blast and integrated computational materials engineering (ICME).

LIFT Technology Roadmapping

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