LIFT: Leading Innovations For Tomorrow

We accelerate the design, build, and test of new materials and processes by connecting advanced materials, manufacturing processes and system engineering to drive transformational change across manufacturing.

Leading Innovations for Tomorrow
Manufacturing Readiness Level

Bridging the Gap in Manufacturing Innovation

Accelerating advanced technologies into manufacturing, scale up, and commercialization.

Connecting digital engineering with physical manufacturing, LIFT accelerates technologies across the “valley of death” to advance concepts from research to commercialization, and accelerate adoption by both industry and the warfighter.

LIFT’s Technology Pillars

Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Developing and utilizing virtual models, in advance of physically building materials or manufacturing components, to predict outcomes and improve efficiency.

At LIFT, we are using design engineering to develop a suite of digital tools, including modeling & simulation, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) middleware, and data analytics throughout the digital thread to accelerate material development.

Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Accelerating the adoption of advanced materials by understanding the characteristics of current materials, or developing new materials – including metallics, ceramics, composites and others.

At LIFT, we focus on advanced materials and their characteristics to ensure the material is the right one for the intended purpose.

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes

Leveraging current processes, or developing new, connected processes, based on materials and/or purpose, to manufacture components more efficiently and effectively.

At LIFT, we study the manufacturing process holistically, whether it be conventional, augmented, automated, or large scale. We also view the process based on the materials being used and the joining or coating needed post-process.

Verification & Validation

Verification & Validation

Ensuring the manufacturing process produces either a material or component that is fit for purpose.

At LIFT, we verify, utilizing data analytics and unique measurement tools, the end result of the material selection and manufacturing process are suited for extreme environments, including hypersonics, ballistics, blast, and more.

Scale Up & Commercialization

Scale Up & Commercialization

As projects are launched, LIFT works to understand where the advanced material or manufacturing process fits in the existing supply chain for commercialization or if there is additional work to be done to qualify or certify them for scale up and future adoption.

LIFT Technology Impact Stories

LIFT and its ecosystem accelerate technology forward into the hands of industry and the warfighter. 

From saving service members’ lives to saving the industry and the Department of Defense time and money, we continue to Drive American Advanced Manufacturing into the Future.

Project Calls are opportunities to solve challenges

LIFT’s Project Calls offer our ecosystem the opportunity to submit proposals on solutions designed to solve challenges Drive American Manufacturing Into the Future. Project Calls can either be directed projects on specific topic areas, from our federal partners or open to new ideas you and your organization might have. Whichever form they take, each Project Call will have its own unique membership and submission requirements and funding opportunities to Drive American Manufacturing Into the Future.

LIFT Technology Resources

LIFT’s facility is a 100,000 square foot technology accelerator and pilot facility which serves as a showcase, highlighting “the art of the possible” for the future of manufacturing. It’s a sandbox where we design, build, and test new materials, processes, and systems for the future of American manufacturing.

Download specs of our high-bay equipment here.

LIFT is Manufacturing Equipment

Digital Twin Smart Factory Showcase
EOS M 290 Industrial Metal 3D Printer
SPEE3D Cold Spray Additive
Linear Friction Welder
Hot Isostatic Press
Connected Digital Thread
Extrusion Press
Siemens Controls
Flexible Robotic Joining System
Plasmatreat Cell
CNC Mill
Fully Equipped Machine Shop
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Cell
CNC Lathe
Fully Equipped Metrology Lab
Incremental Sheet Forming Cell
CT Scanner

LIFT is Manufacturing Cells 

Technology Accelerator
Program Management
Contract Research and Development
Technology Transfer
Knowledge Library
Reverse Engineering
Technology Roadmapping
Start-up Support
Physical and Virtual Try-out
Additive Manufacturing
Spin-off Support
Metrology Services
Portfolio Management
Rapid Prototyping

LIFT Technology Ecosystem

LIFT’s technology partners include large, global corporations and small, startup companies and everything in between. From original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to materials suppliers and software providers, each of them is committed to Driving American Advanced Manufacturing Into the Future.

Connect With Our Technology Team

Contact the LIFT technology team to learn more about how we can support your smarter manufacturing goals and help you connect materials, processes, and systems. We look forward to helping you achieve your technology goals.

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