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LIFT is connecting technology and talent to the warfighter, accelerating the delivery of technology innovations and educational opportunities to those who are serving and to those who have proudly served our nation. By managing multiple contracting tools, we shorten the time from ideation to prototype to move technology advancement faster.

Trusted Across the Federal Government

LIFT is a public-private partnership that works across the federal government including the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, the National Science Foundation and other government entities in an effort to advance manufacturing technology and talent for national security and economic development.

Working Together to Support the Warfighter

Working directly with agencies across the federal government, LIFT brings teams together to pull technological innovations forward to get them into the hands of the warfighter, as well as training and educational opportunities to better prepare those servicemembers for their civilian careers.

LIFT’s contracting and program management expertise brings those solutions to fruition efficiently and effectively to help save service members’ lives and support them, and their families, in the future.

Success Stories

Saving Soldiers’ Lives

One the institute’s innovation projects – to further develop and scale an ABS/ESC system and provide validation of quality retrofit installation on the HMMWV fleet – was recently awarded a three-year, $89 million contract by the U.S. Army.The initial project, completed in 2017, was funded and program managed by LIFT in collaboration with Ricardo Defense Systems, and led to the successful retrofitting of 10 Michigan National Guard vehicles with the optimized ABS/ESC system and making the kit available for purchase by military units worldwide. Recently, Ricardo Defense announced it has been awarded the three-year contract by the Army to provide up to 9,480 critical safety improvement retrofit kits over the next three years.Based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data from similar vehicle classes, ABS and ESC systems significantly reduces fatal rollovers – by 74 percent.

Developing More Efficient Processes

Lift Operates As A National Manufacturing Innovation Institute And Part Of The Manufacturing Usa Network Under A Cooperative Agreement Through The Offices Of The Secretary Of Defense And Managed Through The Office Of Naval Research. As One Of The 16 National Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, Lift Is Leading The Advanced Manufacturing Revolution.

LIFT Works With The Government In Several Ways

OTA (Other Transaction Authority)

LIFT holds a number of OTA agreements to help deliver technology innovations to the military. From modeling and simulation materials and manufacturing processes to program managing the development of future weapons and vehicle systems, these OTAs allow LIFT to put projects on contract quickly and deliver the outcomes on time and on budget.

Cooperative Agreement

LIFT operates as a national manufacturing innovation institute and part of the Manufacturing USA network under a cooperative agreement through the Offices of the Secretary of Defense and managed through the Office of Naval Research. As one of the 16 national manufacturing innovation institutes, LIFT is leading the advanced manufacturing revolution.


LIFT is also a recipient of grant funding to deliver on specific technology and talent tasks in support of our men and women in uniform. Expanding opportunities to support training and education for service members is one way LIFT and our ecosystem can thank them for their service to our country.


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