Teaching the Teachers in Detroit

LIFT hosted over a dozen Michigan high school teachers for a week-long workshop in July in partnership with ASM Materials Education Foundation to develop the educators’ understanding of materials science – the foundation of all manufacturing.

The camp is part of a nationwide outreach and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education initiative to prepare high school and middle school teachers to engage students in physical science, chemistry, and other Materials Science courses, and interest them in advanced manufacturing careers.

During the week, the camp covered solids, metals, corrosion, polymers, ceramics and glass with hands-on experiments the teachers participated in and can take back to their classrooms.

“I can’t wait to use what I learned this week in my classroom; I have so many ideas to bring to my Chemistry classes and have been inspired to start a Materials Science class at my school,” said Kristine Hill, Lakeview High School chemistry teacher.

“Making our own activity series led to a different level of understanding for me although I have used it in class for over twenty years. Then connecting it to world history was amazing,” said Lisa Schrimscher, Mercy High School. “Anytime a cross curricular connection can be made students will remember it for so much longer.”

The ASM Materials Education Foundation sponsors teacher camps in 20 states, Canada, and Brazil, with 35 host educational institutions. This is the first camp to be hosted in a Manufacturing USA Innovation Institute. Trained, experienced instructors – primarily educators themselves – will teach the teachers in professional development workshops, using project-based learning activities that they can take back to their home schools and classrooms.

LIFT initially became involved with the ASM Materials Camp for Teachers in 2015 when the institute created lightweight metal and materials content and activities for the camp curriculum. The Institute also supported expansion of the camp program to new states, and now is becoming a host for Michigan teachers.

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