Supporting Small Businesses….

From the desk of Executive Director Larry Brown

Larry Brown Enabling innovation to get to the market is a key focus of the Manufacturing USA institutes, no matter the technology in which they are working.

More often than not, however, much of that innovation is taking place at our small and medium-sized manufacturers. There are people who have a great idea and have taken the risk to begin their own business because they believe so passionately in what they are doing and the difference it will make.

It is with that back drop, LIFT and The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center), our local Manufacturing Extension Partnership, have launched the “LIFT Off” webinar series. This monthly webinar will provide those small and medium-sized manufacturers the opportunity to highlight the technology they are working in and how it will benefit the industry going forward.

Yes, as institutes, we have global companies, which are household names, as members, but we also have member companies which are made up of just a few people working to make a difference.

I encourage you to register for these webinar sessions (held the third Thursday of each month at noon ET) and learn what innovations are out there.

Detroit in the media

Detroit has been in the news a lot recently with documentaries and feature films coming out to tell the story of the riots which took place in the city 50 years ago, in 1967.

As a native of Columbus, Ohio, only recently moving to the City of Detroit, I cannot comment on what happened here 50 years ago, and the racial tensions which existed then. I can only comment on the city that I see each and every day.

Since moving to the area and spending time driving around Detroit and meeting the people here, the two things which have stuck with me are that this city is vibrant with growth opportunity and the people here are very proud of themselves with a “can do” attitude.

From the leadership in City Hall to the community stakeholders and business people in and around Detroit, rarely have I seen a community so committed to pulling in the same direction and interested in telling the same positive story of a city on its way back up.

We do not know if Detroit may reach the same heights it did over a half-century ago, but I am placing a bet that there is a great future ahead for the city and LIFT is to be a part of it.