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DANTE Solutions is an engineering software and consulting company, specializing in metallurgical process engineering and thermal/stress analyses of metal parts and components. Started in 1982 as Deformation Control Technology, the company has evolved into the premier thermal process modeling company with its DANTE heat treatment simulation software. DANTE Solutions maintains an active program of alloy characterization, process modeling consulting, continued innovation in application to existing and new thermal processes (i.e. vacuum carburizing, high pressure gas quenching), and technical support to our software licensees.

The commercialized DANTE software for simulation of heat treatment processes for both through-hardened and carburized steel components is DANTE Solutions’ main product, and a supporting suite of utility products is also available to customize materials and process database. The DANTE software is a set of compiled user subroutines that link with either the Abaqus/Standard or Ansys Mechanical finite element solvers. The software package includes a steel alloy database that contains mechanical, thermal, phase transformation, and carbon diffusion properties that are used during heating and quenching simulations. There is also a process database that contains heat transfer coefficient tables for commonly used heating and cooling/quenching methods. Simulation results include prediction of dimensional change, stress state, and evolution of metallurgical phases and their distribution throughout the heat treatment process. Final residual stress and hardness profiles are also simulation results. DANTE has been used to simulate atmosphere and vacuum furnace heating, gas and low-pressure carburization, immersion quenching in oil, salt, water or polymer media, spray quenching, high pressure gas quenching, air or furnace cooling, cryogenic treatment, and low temperature tempering.