New Interns Ready To Get Their Hands Dirty At LIFT

Two new interns recently began working at LIFT for the Fall Semester. Steven Timm, a mechanical engineering major entering his final semester at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Mich., and Imran Khan, a senior majoring in electrical engineering technology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich.

Both were drawn to the LIFT internship program to further their experience and education in advanced manufacturing, with the added benefit of working on issues involving lightweighting.

Khan, who had previously spent time shadowing people at the GM Technological Center, to learn about the production of automotive prototype parts from computer aided design programs, interior electrical systems, seating, and environmental testing, said that experience really piqued his interest in advanced manufacturing.

“I became even more enamored with manufacturing and engineering, especially CAD software and 3D printing,” Kahn said. “My own desire to create and explore new, potentially unseen pathways are coordinated with LIFT’s goal of providing agile and lightweight materials through innovative projects.”

Timm, who has had six other internships or co-ops during his career, said lightweighting fits right in with his projects at school.

“LIFT’s goal to deploy advanced lightweight materials manufacturing technologies resonates strongly with my interests as my senior project consisted of designing and fabricating a lightweight super-mileage vehicle,” said Timm. “I am excited to begin this internship to learn all I can from the team and add value where possible.”

Timm and Kahn are the second group of interns to work at the LIFT headquarters in Detroit. LIFT launched its internship program with one intern during the Spring of 2018.