Michigan Tech Mind Trekking at LIFT with Students from Detroit

Michigan Tech University Mind Trekkers visited LIFT as part of a statewide tour designed to provide outreach to high school students while sparking curiosity for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. With the Mind Trekkers and their visit to Detroit, LIFT hosted 100 students from Southeastern (DPSCD) and Detroit Edison Public Schools Academy (DEPSA) STEM activities with Unboxed Challenges™ in our LIFT Learning Lab.

The Unboxed Challenges™ help engage students with hands-on educational puzzles that help students apply STEM concepts to real world problems. They included a Treasure Hunt and a National Disaster simulation, which prepare students for the workforce by simulation situations that require career skills like problem-solving, leadership and social influence, flexibility, and resilience.

“The Objective of learning goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge – it’s the joy of discovery through experimentation. As students participate in Unboxed Challenges™, we actually see this happen in real-time. The initial frustration of the challenge gives way to the lightbulb moment, and the, to confidence in their own abelites. This Curiosity – driven learning is what students need more than ever,” said Cassy Tefft De Muñoz Director of Educational Outreach at Michigan Tech University.

Collaboration efforts such as this between LIFT, Michigan Tech University, DPSCD & DEPSA are vital to development of our future manufacturing workforce and STEM education.

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