LIFT Receives ASM Pacesetter Award

LIFT – Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow is honored to be recognized and to receive the 2017 ASM Foundation Pacesetter Award for its work in education and workforce development, particularly for its support of the ASM Teacher Boot Camps.

LIFT Education and Workforce Development Director Emily DeRocco was on hand to receive the award and talk about the work the institute is doing and the continued commitment needed to build a robust talent pipeline for the future.

The Pacesetter Award was established in 2009 as an annual corporate award to honor organizations for continued service to the ASM Materials Education Foundation and to recognize their impact in supporting educational outreach efforts that encourage young people to pursue careers in materials science and engineering.

Since LIFT’s inception, providing professional development opportunities for teachers and encouraging students of all ages to study materials sciences and consider advanced manufacturing as a career choice are at the core of our education and workforce development efforts as an institute. The ASM Materials Camps for teachers have shown to be a great avenue to provide teachers with hands-on experiences with materials and experiments they can take back to the classroom.

For more information on LIFT’s support of the ASM Materials Camps, click here.