LIFT Off Webinar Presented By Questek: The Use of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) to Resolve Pressing Materials Challenges in Industry

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) technologies are effective tools enabling the concurrent design of new materials and products tailored to more demanding performance requirements. By integrating physics-based computational models within a systems engineering framework to predict material process-structure and structure-property relationships, novel materials can be rapidly designed to achieve target properties. The fidelity of these tools enables the parallelization of the component design to realize the concurrent design of material and application, and is relevant for all manufacturing paths including casting, forging and additive manufacturing.

As new processes and material performance requirements evolve, ICME technologies will continue to play a critical role in future developments. As an example, with metallic additive manufacturing gaining acceptance in the market, the need for new materials designed for the unique processing conditions is apparent. The role of ICME has become critical for understanding the evolution of materials through these unique processing pathways. QuesTek Innovations will review the capabilities and value of computational technologies, and demonstrate the industrial impacts of an ICME approach on materials, process, and application development by presenting several relevant case studies.