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Jones Engine
Jones Engine, LLC is a Michigan limited liability company that is endeavoring to be the leading internal combustion gas-electric hybrid engine manufacturer.

The Jones engine is a completely new design for an ICE, unlike anything ever developed. Jones Engine is a combustion engine with performance more close to an electrical motor. Due to the fact that the combustion is perpendicular and as far from the crank shaft as possible (in a given displacement), you receive the highest lever distance possible throughout the combustion cycles. Force x distance =torque you gain by this leverage. The Jones Engine is a concept that has been validated through CFMEA Concept Failure Mode Effects Analysis with Ford Senior Power Train engineers and computer modeling. The engine will run and can perform with these advantages based on our past studies. Time and money will be needed to make this a reality.”

Small/Medium Manufacturer (SMM)

VRC Metal Systems
VRC Metal Systems, LLC manufacturers portable, hand-held, high pressure cold spray systems. The company was founded in 2013 after obtaining an exclusive license for the commercialization of the patent pending feature for hand-held high-pressure cold spray. The system was developed specifically for providing agile, high quality repairs to DoD weapon systems for the war fighter at Air Force bases and forward operating locations. Since then, VRC has expanded its offerings to include complete turn-key cold spray systems, including both additive and subtractive systems as well as recipe development and on-site support. VRC remains heavily involved in developing cold spray and advanced manufacturing solutions for the Department of Defense as well as many commercial clients for use in both industrial repair and novel manufacturing process applications.

Applied Impulse
Applied Impulse, Inc. (Aii) is committed to the development of impulse manufacturing technologies for joining, forming, cutting and other manufacturing operations.  Aii is commercializing the intellectual property portfolio developed by the impulse manufacturing lab at The Ohio State University, that includes the vaporizing foil method and other techniques that offer disruptive opportunities in manufacturing.