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General Dynamics
General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defense company. From Gulfstream business jets to submarines to wheeled combat vehicles to communications systems, people around the world depend on our products and services for their safety and security.

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, General Dynamics is led by Phebe Novakovic. The company employs thousands of people, with locations in 46 countries. At the heart of our company are our employees. We rely on their intimate knowledge of customer requirements and a unique blend of skill and innovation to develop and produce the best possible products and services.


CompuTherm, LLC
CompuTherm LLC, established in 1996, is a leading developer of software and databases for thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations as well as kinetic simulations based on the CALPHAD approach. Our products include the PandatTM software, online iPandat, and thermodynamic & mobility databases for numerous alloy systems, such as Al-, Co-, Cu-, Fe-, Mg-, Mo-, Nb-, Ni-, Ti-, and TiAl-based alloys, bulk metallic glass and high entropy alloys. These products are currently used by hundreds of universities, research laboratories, and industrial companies worldwide. These modeling tools are used by ICME practitioners for the development of new alloys and the optimization of existing ones.

PandatTM is a powerful software package which allows users to understand phase equilibrium, thermodynamic properties, as well as precipitation kinetics during heat treatment process for technical important multi-component alloy systems. The calculation engine of Pandat, PanEngine API, can be integrated with user’s in-house codes to create custom applications such as solidification, heat-treatment, casting, welding, corrosion and phase field simulation.


Huron Valley Steel
Since 1961 Huron Valley Steel Corporation has been a technological leader in the recycling industry. Long before recycling became a global concern, Huron Valley Steel was researching and developing systems to increase metal recovery and reduce waste stream volumes. Our many pioneering breakthroughs have made Huron Valley Steel an industry leader in the recovery and recycling of nonferrous metals.

Each year Huron Valley Steel processes close to a billion pounds of material from automobile shredder operators. The metals recovered include aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and stainless steel. This metal, which in the past was sent to landfills, provides an economical alternative to extracting and processing metal bearing ores.

Headquartered in Trenton, Michigan, Huron Valley Steel operates recovery and recycling facilities in Belleville, Michigan and Anniston, Alabama. We also have a joint-venture operation, HVF West, located in Tucson, Arizona.