LIFT Launches Robotics Training In Its Detroit Facility

Institute is preparing students to become qualified Robotics Technicians ready to join the advanced manufacturing workforce.

LIFT, the Department of Defense manufacturing innovation institute, recently launched Robotics Technician Training at its Detroit facility. Students who participate in the program have the opportunity to earn Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) credentials and become qualified Robotics Technicians ready to join the advanced manufacturing workforce.

The program begins with a focus on robotics programming which will result in two SACA credentials.

If the students decide to continue through the program at LIFT, they can earn the additional credentials required to become a qualified robotics technician. Here, the students will learn to build, maintain, operate, and test robotic equipment. To help assist engineers, the course also teaches aspects of the design, production, and development of the equipment.

In total, if a student goes through the entirety of the program, 555 hours (approximately 365 hours in the lab and 190 hours online) student will be qualified to be a Robotics Technician and have the appropriate SACA credentials.

LIFT recently hosted an open house for its first group of 12 robotics students, introducing them to the curriculum as well as the LIFT facility. After a deep dive into the Robotics course curriculum the students were given a tour of the LIFT High Bay to see exactly what they could be potentially working on once they graduate from the program.

Along with those first 12 students, LIFT has a group of 15 more waiting in the wings to begin their course this winter.  Classes are being held Monday through Friday 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

As we continue to grow our Robotics program and graduate more students, we can continue the path to close the skills gap and move American Manufacturing forward.

To enroll in any of our LIFT Certified advanced manufacturing certification courses, visit or contact Marianne Donoghue Director, Learning Lab