Joining Technologies Conference to Include Tour of LIFT/IACMI Facility

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2018

February 21-22, 2018, Detroit, MI

Finding and developing the “right” joining technologies is what the new U.S.-based Automotive Circle conference Joining in Car Body Engineering is focusing on. It aims to bring about an intensive exchange of information and networking among expert automotive engineers from OEM as well as their suppliers, providing valuable contacts and ideas to develop modern car body joining solutions tailored to the American market requirements.

The two-day conference will focus on application-oriented technical progress concerning all relevant joining technologies for series car body production. A particular emphasis will be placed on opportunities to improve throughput and flexibility.

A guided tour through the LIFT and IACMI institutes will round up the program.

Participants will tour the LIFT and IACMI Lightweighting Facility in Detroit. The new facility operates as an applied research & development, workforce training, and prototyping center for innovations in metalworking and composite materials. Here, industry, academia and government partners collaborate to further develop those innovations and find strategies to deliver them to the market.

As part of the tour, participants will be able to meet with and ask questions of on-site engineers about the work that can be done on each piece of machinery and institute leadership about the missions at both LIFT and IACMI.

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