LIFT Off Webinar Presented by Techreo: New Innovations In Forming Metal Pipes

12:00 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET
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Techreo is a startup in the Cincinnati area that is focused on the development of high performance metal pipes and tubes.  We have combined several paper industry technologies with some new innovations to create a totally new method of making metal pipes.  The new manufacturing process is based on convolute winding of very thin sheet metal which is bonded together with structural adhesive and/or welding.  The pipes are formed one layer at a time, with the capability to customize each layer at a time.  This formation technique is conceptually like Additive Manufacturing but the build rate is about 1,000 times faster.  Significant performance advantages are enable by this process, including much lighter pipes, totally integrated insulation, improved corrosion resistance, and built-in damping of vibration and noise.  The technology is very flexible and we continue to discover breakthrough capabilities and benefits.