LIFT Off Webinar Presented by Pilot Systems: Vehicle Operating Information System (VOIS) for Level 4 & 5 Autonomous Driving

12:00 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET
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Like human drivers in-route to their destination, autonomous vehicles (AVs) must make continuous, real time decisions while driving to maneuver in traffic, avoid obstacles and safely navigate the roadway.

Unlike human drivers, who use an evolved set of on-board biologic sensors and a sophisticated processing unit, AVs must rely on sensors and systems with capabilities, currently limited, in comparison.

While humans can scan and comprehend situations within and beyond their immediate environment and make decisions based on skill and experience, AVs require a range of information that is not routinely available to their on-board systems.

Local variables including road surface conditions (potholes, ice), pedestrians (cross walks, bicycles), and road obstacles (debris, stranded vehicles) must be immediately detected by AVs in real time.

Pilot’s Vehicle Operating Information System (VOIS) is forecast to be an information gathering and broadcast system to enable fully autonomous vehicle operation (level 4 & 5) by providing local and remote conditions that are otherwise unavailable, yet critical for autonomous driving.