LIFT Off Webinar Presented by Dante Solutions: Simple, Accurate, and Cost-Effective Heat Treatment Simulation

12:00 pm ET
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DANTE Solutions has been in the forefront of heat treatment simulation since the early 90’s when they helped develop the heat treatment simulation software DANTE, which is used to predict the distortion, hardness and residual stress of heat-treated steel parts. For those that do not require or cannot justify the cost of the full finite element-based DANTE package, DANTE Solutions has developed several stand-alone “utilities.” These programs utilize the DANTE software models, algorithms, and material databases that have been developed over the past thirty years through rigorous fitting of experimental data. DANTE utilities which are available and will be covered in this webinar are:

  • GCarb, VCarb, and GNitro aid in the prediction and process design of gas carburization, vacuum carburization and nitriding, respectively
  • TTT/CCT, CHT generate time temperature, continuous cooling, or continuous heating diagrams for a variety of alloys and carbon levels
  • Hardenability tools Jominy and DI Predictors generate the Jominy profile or ideal diameter based on alloy content and carbon level inputs
  • DilotFit, MecFit and TTTFit are fitting utilities that enable the user to expand the material database with their own experimental data
  • MatSim is a robust utility that uses time/temperature or rate/time data to predict the volume fractions of the individual metallurgical phases and final hardness in a fraction of the time a full FEA simulation would require.