LIFT Off Webinar: Gen Zoom and the State of Mind of Post-Pandemic Youth

1:00 pm ET - 2:00 pm ET
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Gen Zoom is not like Gen Z, the Millennials, or any other generation like it. Gen Zoom’s entire world outlook and perspective has been shaped by the pandemic, giving them very distinct traits and needs that affect the way they approach the workforce. This thought-provoking session will help the audience understand the impact of the pandemic on the next generation and provide specific strategies for employers seeking to attract and retain talent.
Attendees will takeaway the following from this presentation:

Learning Objectives
1. An enlightened understanding of the unprecedented challenges that youth are facing as a direct result of the pandemic.
2. Deep reflection about our personal experiences and how they influence the way we see the world
3. Strategies for leadership and managers to create workplace cultures that will attract and retain the next generation of employees”