LIFT Off: Flow-3D

12:00 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET
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Computational Fluid Dynamics for Additive Manufacturing and Laser Welding Analysis and Optimization

Flow Science, Inc., based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was founded in 1980 by Dr. C.W. (Tony) Hirt, one of the original developers of the VOF (Volume of Fluid) method. This approach developed into FLOW-3D’s TruVOF®️ technology, which today offers cutting-edge and groundbreaking improvements in speed and accuracy in the simulation of flow with different liquid/gas interfaces. FLOW-3D products offer complete multi-physics solutions and diverse modeling capabilities in additive manufacturing and welding including laser-material interactions, heat transfer, phase change, laser reflections via ray tracing, and particle modeling using discrete element method.

This presentation will cover case studies from industry and academia which use FLOW-3D AM and FLOW-3D WELD to simulate laser-based additive manufacturing and welding processes. Case studies will include in-depth analysis of the effects of process parameters, material properties, and laser settings on melt pool dynamics and solidification. Beam shaping analysis, modeling multi-material joining, and mapping CFD results to subsequent thermal stress and microstructure analysis will be covered as well.