GALM – Manufacturing Innovation 2020

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The Lightweight Materials Joining, Forming And Manufacturing Innovation Summit is an OEM-led initiative driven by the latest advancements in manufacturing techniques, joining methods and forming processes for lightweight vehicles including EVs and autonomous vehicles.

The transition by OEMs to a new generation of electric vehicles is placing increased emphasis on breakthrough technologies for lightweight vehicle manufacturing processes and integrated assembly.

The 7th edition of the Summit will explore new manufacturing technologies and solutions being adopted for EVs, including multi-material components and structures to optimize structural integrity, meet safety and NVH objectives, and achieve mass reduction to offset heavy batteries.

Exclusive to the 2020 Summit will be a top-level industry panel discussion on exploiting digitalization of automotive manufacturing under industry 4.0 for smarter, more agile production and improved profit margins , featuring senior decision-makers from global OEMs.


Our brand new agenda for March 2020 directly addresses real practical and technical issues and is developed specifically for senior engineers and technical specialists i n body structures, lightweight advanced materials, process engineering, materials joining and forming.

Attending one of the most important events in the automotive calendar will help improve your day to day decision making and face these challenges with enhanced knowledge including:

  • Best practices in joining of new high strength steels and aluminum alloys
  • Application optimiztion of adhesives and how to avoid quality control issues
  • Solving real world challenges in joining metallic and non-metallic materials
  • New inspection technologies for high quality joints
  • Advances in simulation and modeling of manufacturing processes to reduce costs
  • Assuring quality and dimensional control in the body shop
  • Scaling up additive and 3D manufacturing with metals
  • Simplifying integration, reducing process complexity and increasing agility in manufacturing with Industry 4.0