AUSA Global Force Next

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This important three-day virtual event, from 16-18 March 2021, will focus on Army modernization efforts and the Army Futures Command’s eight Cross Functional Teams (CFTs):

  1. Long Range Precision Fires
  2. Next Generation Combat Vehicles
  3. Future Vertical Lift
  4. Air & Missile Defense
  5. Army Network
  6. Assured Position, Navigation, and Timing
  7. Soldier Lethality
  8. Synthetic Training Environment


Eight CFT panels will provide updates and future endeavors they are undertaking to continue the Army’s drive to modernize the force. A ninth panel is planned to provide updates on related topics for foreign military sales. AUSA is developing this forum based on feedback from our annual meeting AUSA Now, and with the realization that March 2021 presents a key opportunity for the Army to share additional information about their future modernization plans.