ASD National Summit on Hypersonic Weapons Systems

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Why attend?
As the evolution of U.S. development of Mach 5 + weaponry has evolved over the past twenty years as part of the conventional prompt global strike program, rocket launched hypersonic glide vehicles capabilities equipped with air breathing powerplants with scramjet technologies have been at the forefront of a Joint Staff focus to develop a time critical threat for a national & global response. As funding has increased and R&D and testing has grown, maintaining overmatch for US and Allied nations has been a race against time. China and Russia continue to test and deploy. Pentagon and Congressional lawmakers are on the move to rachet up even more spending. FY2023 Pentagon requests for funding and R&D is $4.7 billion, approximately 1 billion over FY2022 and likely to go higher FY2024 and beyond.

We have designed a very special delegate experience with a highly comprehensive agenda that will enable engagement with key Hypersonic Weapons Guest Speaker Experts and delegates alike. Guests will be provided unparalleled access to the cutting-edge in Hypersonic Weapons emerging capabilities and with DoD/Government and leading Industry perspectives. Topics will range from defining mission requirements, advancements in R&D, emerging testing and fielding, necessary mission requirements and way forward as hypersonic weapons are further adopted into a joint operational doctrine.
April 2023 will include
Over 30 Guest Speakers found in no other setting offering delegates two days loaded with multiple Keynote & Panel sessions.
Over 4 hours of Networking – including Evening Reception, Breaks, Group Luncheons, Exhibiting Tables Available and Unlimited Industry Sponsorships available
This event is closed to members of the media, no recording of presentations will be authorized.

Please Note: Only United States Government, Contractors and Academia, NATO Nations and Allies will be allowed to attend this summit.
Top Reasons to Attend
The Latest DoD Hypersonic Weapon Systems Posture, Programs & Emerging Capabilities and Opportunities for Industry
Advancements in Hypersonic Glide Vehicles Design & Long-Range SCRAMJET Missile Technologies
Hypersonic Defense Modular System Architecture and Industrial Engineering Challenges
Latest Advancements in the Fielding and Testing of Hypersonic Weapons
Counter Hypersonic Technologies and Platforms – Challenging the Adversarial Threats
Government/DoD and International Cooperation Plans and Policies to Maintain a Global Defensive Superiority