Mentor Protégé Summit 2023

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The Department of Defense (DoD) is thrilled to present Mentor Protégé Summit 2023 from March 27-30 in Orlando, FL!

Mentor Protégé Summit is designed to reinforce small business supply chains and their ability to compete in a modernized defense industrial base through education, networking, and collaboration. It supports OSBP’s goal to provide practical opportunities for small businesses in the DoD industrial base to develop, competitively market and deliver innovative solutions.

The comprehensive event will equip the small business community with reliable resources and pragmatic strategies. Learn how to develop mutually beneficial partnerships between experienced mentoring firms and small business protégés. Participate in discussions during training workshops and plenary sessions to increase your comprehension. Attend keynote addresses from industry thought leaders and subject matter experts. Lastly, join us in celebrating the recipients of the Nunn-Perry Awards for FY21 and FY22.

Expect to meet key players and engage in experiential learning opportunities.