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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow
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Talent Development

Innovation – or bringing “mind to market” – is only possible if we have the talent to put that new idea or new technology to work in our economy. So LIFT’s vision, to be the world leader in lightweight materials manufacturing, can only be realized if we develop the educated and skilled workforce necessary to use new lightweighting technologies and processes. See All Talent Development Partners


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2016 Education & Workforce Roadmap

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2014 Regional Workforce Supply/Demand Analysis

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Our Underlying Principles

  1. Be “demand” and data-driven
    We will educate and train to the knowledge, skills and abilities in demand by manufacturers. Our first priority is to conduct regular demand-supply-and gap analyses on workforce needs in the 5 states directly related to the jobs in our impact sectors.
  2. Be transformational for sustainable results
    You can find thousands of “random acts of excellence” in workforce development with little or no impacts on the talent supply chain. We need lasting results in producing workers with the right skills.
  3. Drive from the bottom up
    Recognize that all the systems we need to engage and use – education, economic development, and the workforce investment system – are highly devolved to state and local authorities. A top-down strategy will not work.
  4. Have a Strategic Focus
    Strategically focus on opportunities, for example, target populations such as separating military personnel and “gaps” in the talent supply chain where there are clear disconnects between the demand for skills and the supply of skills.
  5. Link and Leverage Assets
    Link and leverage the assets available. Capture the initiatives to build educational pathways and link them via stackable credentials and articulation agreements across the education continuum. Align strategies to gubernatorial initiatives to increase educational attainment and put people back to work. Ride the wave of bipartisan support for restoring U.S. leadership in manufacturing globally.

LIFT Partner Education and Workforce Development Resources

National Education & Workforce Partners

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