State of Michigan announces strategy to invest in advanced materials and manufacturing process, joining technologies and advanced manufacturing talent, leading to a $10 million co-investment in LIFT.


ALMMII established as a Michigan-based 501c3


Detroit selected as new home to LIFT facility

Pictured here: Construction of the Detroit facility in 2014, revitalizing the Corktown area, and providing new job opportunities to Michigan workers

January 2015,
$148 million innovation center opens

Pictured here: A ribbon cutting by the Mayor of Detroit, Members of Congress, Department of Defense officials, ALMMII Board of Directors and other stakeholders.

“What you see here is not just about advancing technology, it’s about advancing people.”
– Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan



Launch of the first career job training program into Louisville, KY high school. Conexus, Indiana launches work and learn opportunities.


Database and computer models developed to predict corrosion in aluminum alloys in airplanes and other transportation


Showcased Robotic Blacksmithing at IMTS, kicking off nationwide blacksmithing competition.


LIFT launches a 2 year project to develop a more cost-effective means to manufacture lightweight aluminum metal matrix composites (MMCs) for use in large scale automotive and aerospace production. LIFT and Columbus State Community College collaborate for a work study program. 150 students to enroll over 5 year period.


NIMS and LIFT partner to form a program for veterans to launch manufacturing careers. Fast Forge program launched.


Additional investments made, $38 million, followed by $50 million funding of advanced manufacturing equipment

In 2016, MakerMinded, a new online STEM learning, competition and program, launches in Tennesse. MakerMinded platform connects students to over 150 “leading edge STEM experiences”.

MakerMinded, Online STEM Learning

Thin-Wall Casting Project Success:

The project developed a new ductile alloy and showed a 30% weight reduction in the cast prototype parts, including a 50% reduction of walls thickness of parts.

Thin Wall Castings for Automotive

December 2016, LIFT agrees to bring in the largest linear friction welder to the Detroit facility, increasing lightweight research and development. The friction welder significantly eliminates wasted materials and post machining.

Linear Friction Welder



LIFT reports on critical imperatives universities must take to improve engineering work & learn models. Expert Educator Team releases new set of recommendations aligning technology and talent development.


LIFT and The Center unveil an aftermarket lightweight car frame that can morph into any wheelbase, vehicle length and width without additional tooling. Applications include both military and the aftermarket vehicles.


LIFT introduces certification courses in Ohio, Case Western.


MakerMinded program and competition expands into Indiana, Idaho, West Virginia.

IGNITE advanced manufacturing curriculum launches in 2019. The program’s success leads to expansion across the U.S.


LIFT and Center for Automotive Research (CAR) test and evaluate mixed material joining technologies, to develop an open-source catalog.


LIFT and Michigan startup Loukus Technologies explore magnesium alloy extrusions to reduce weight of auto and defense applications. Eck Industries joins in October.



Ricardo Defense awarded $89 million contract for HMMWV improvements that reduced fatal rollovers by 74%.

LIFT opens second facility to house DOD program management in Michigan.


Smarter Manufacturing Podcast launched.


Arris, Army, LIFT to lightweight combat vehicles through unique additive manufacturing process.


LIFT launches robotic training program

LIFT launches the Girl Scouts’ Think Like an Engineer Journey to encourage career exploration in advanced manufacturing and engineering, to help impact the gender gap in science and engineering fields.

Siemens and Kearney make a significant investment in LIFT facility. Digital Twin Smart Factory created, the manufacturing Smarter Digital Future Showcase.


Michigan Tech University and LIFT partner to design future additive manufacturing materials and processes.


LIFT kicks off next round of hypersonics material development programs


“Energy conservation process” pilot program launched to produce electrochemical separators for DoD energy systems at the institute.

October, LIFT hosts A2M2X (Accelerating Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Exchange) conference to drive collaboration and advancement in materials science, manufacturing processes, systems engineering and talent development.

December 2022, LIFT announces plan to expand Institute Operations into Puerto Rico


Marking a Decade of Achievement, Leading Future Advancements

As we look forward, we are committed to our mission as a national manufacturing institute, actively broadening our operations into new territories such as Florida, Puerto Rico, and other regions. We continue to build on our existing foundation in technology and development, by connecting advanced materials, manufacturing processes, systems engineering and talent, in support of our national defense and economic security.