LIFT Receives Federal Data Protection Certification

Certification documents institute’s information technology services to internal company employees and protection of company proprietary information

DETROIT – LIFT, the Detroit-based national manufacturing innovation institute, today announced it received a certificate of conformance in the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-171, which is a set of standards defining how organizations safeguard and distribute sensitive, but not classified, material.

LIFT was assessed and received its certification from NSF Global Business Solutions. The certification is good for three years.

“As we expand our relationship and technology development portfolio with the U.S. Department of Defense, we needed to ensure the infrastructure was in place to not only comply with federal standards, but to protect our data and the data of our industry and government customers,” said Nigel Francis, chief executive officer and executive director. “We are proud to have this certification and look forward to working even more closely with the Department of Defense and the services directly.”

The security requirements detailed in the certification include: Access Control; Awareness and Training; Audit and Accountability; Configuration Management; Identification and Authentication; Incident Response; Maintenance; Media Protection; Physical Protection; Personnel Security; Risk Assessment; Security Assessment; System and Communications Protection, and; System and Information Integrity.

The revised set of rules for NIST compliances took effect for certain federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, requiring anyone who works with CUI from those agencies to implement specific security measures for how they handle data. Prior to these requirements, every agency had a unique set of rules for data handling, safeguarding and disposing of sensitive material.

LIFT- Certificate of Conformance