LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

Leading the nation in
lightweight technology development

Our new lightweighting facility opens

January 15, 2015 we inaugurate our 100,000-square-foot facility designed to accelerate the transfer of new lightweight metals manufacturing technology from the lab to the production floor, and to train workers to use the new processes. Including 23 demonstrations and displays from LIFT industry and research partners.

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Together we accelerate cutting-edge manufacturing transition

LIFT is an industry-led, government funded consortium. By reimagining processes and procedures, our highly linked and leveraged network is facilitating technology transfer into supply chain companies and empowering the lightweight metals workforce.

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Founding Partners

The future is lightweight.

Transportation manufacturing competitiveness depends on lightweight materials. Whether for suppliers in the automobile, aerospace, ground vehicles, shipping, rail, or defense manufacturing industries, lighter vehicles have better performance and use less fuel — for the military, industry, and consumers alike. That means lower cost with better environmental stewardship.


Talent for Innovation

Our educated and skilled workforce development program meets the talent supply chain demands of manufacturers and leads to real jobs for real people. Our principled approach drives our structured plan to meet educational gaps for all stages of education, from the earliest years through populations in transition, such as military personnel.