There Has Never Been a Better Time to Join LIFT… From the Desk of Nigel Francis, LIFT CEO and Executive Director

Nigel Francis

Last week, LIFT made two major and foundational announcements regarding both its technology and talent development programs – and if you have not visited LIFT or become a member, now is the time.

First, LIFT announced that it had received $1 million to expand its Operations Next advanced manufacturing certification program to civilian workers in Detroit and Pittsburgh as the country, and manufacturing sector, recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. This program was launched in 2018, then expanded in 2019, to support servicemen and servicewomen as they transition from the military to civilian careers, but this is the first time the program is being made available to civilians. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, providing upskilling and re-skilling opportunities for civilian workers is critical.

Second, LIFT announced that it has entered into an OTA (Other Transactional Agreement) with the U.S. Army and its Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center (CCDC GVSC), located at Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan. This agreement allows LIFT to lead the development and delivery of new technologies to the warfighter over the next five years.

With both of these announcements, we are taking major steps in advancing our mission of driving American manufacturing into the future through technology and talent development. If you are a current member, we appreciate your commitment to that mission. If you have yet to become a member, the time to do so has never been better.

Of course, we are not done yet.

Over the coming weeks and months, we expect to announce new partnerships with major industry leaders, an expanded reach across the country, continued investment by our federal partners and transitioning our facility into a true national showcase for future manufacturing.

There is no doubt that LIFT is becoming what it was architected to be – a national leader in advanced manufacturing technology and talent development. Now is the time to join and help drive American manufacturing into the future in support of our national economy and national security.

To join or to ask any questions about LIFT, contact us here.