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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow


Manufacturing firms in Indiana represent nearly 30% of the state's Gross State Product and employ 520,000 workers. With this in mind, Governor Mike Pence has maintained a sharp focus on expanding technical training options and encouraging all students to pursue a personal “Plan A” whether they want to go to college, learn a trade, or start their career right out of high school. Through the Indiana Career Council, the state’s education, job training, and workforce development systems are collaborating so all Hoosier businesses to have access to the educated and skilled workers necessary to compete successfully in the global economy. Get Involved

Governor's Initiative

Chaired by Governor Mike Pence, the Career Council was created by a unanimous vote during the 2013 General Assembly to focus on coordination of various participants in the education, jobs skills development and career training system, and to match education and skills training with the jobs market. Over 40 meetings, and 500 man hours were invested in the creation of the Career Council’s Strategic Plan, “Align, Engage, Advance: A Strategic Plan to Transform Indiana’s Workforce.” The plan focuses on three organizing pillars of transformation: 1) system alignment, 2) worker- and student-centric services, and 3) demand-driven programs and investments.  
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