An Open-Door Policy

From the Desk of Interim Executive Director Chris Conrardy

It has been about a month since I first introduced myself to you and the LIFT network. While it has felt like “drinking from the firehose” at times, the reception and support I have received has been overwhelming.

This first month has provided me with a great opportunity to meet with many of our members and partners, as well as those who have yet to join LIFT.

Feedback from LIFT stakeholders is critical as we develop a range of new technology and workforce services for our Detroit lightweighting facility. We want to take into account the needs of all of our members and partners as we evolve our list of offerings to increase LIFT’s impacts for decades to come.

For those members and partners I have not connected with, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. For those of you who have not joined LIFT, or have not visited our facility in a while, I would encourage you to do so and learn about the many new and exciting developments.

We believe this institute, particularly this facility, is a jewel of the Detroit area and a one-of-a-kind location for lightweighting technical innovation and workforce development.

Making Connections

It has also been wonderful to meet the many people from the community who come through our LIFT facility for tours, meetings and other events.

Two groups which come to mind are the eight students from Detroit Public Schools Community District who toured the facility as part of the Heroes’ Alliance solar car initiative LIFT invested in. These students are building a solar car to race later this year. It was great to have them come in, ask questions and see the possibilities in advanced manufacturing.

The other group I had the honor to meet was the LIFT Expert Educator Team. This group of experts from around the country are working diligently to make connections between what is being taught on college and university campuses more closely connects to what technology is in place in industry and what innovations are underway here at LIFT.

We are privileged to have these groups engage with LIFT as we build our country’s advanced manufacturing future together.