Ohio is Fostering a Modern Manufacturing Industry

For 150 years, Ohio has been a model for what it means to foster manufacturing pride. Ohio seizes the jobs and opportunities of the 21st Century. In Ohio, there’s the largest independent automotive proving ground. There are high-tech power plants that run on Ohio’s abundant natural gas, providing low-cost, clean energy today and for decades to come. Ohio is home to firsts in manufacturing. It is the No. 1 supplier to Boeing and Airbus, the producer of Honda’s first U.S.-designed and built supercar, where the world’s first 3-D printed prescription drug was manufactured and the proud supporter of countless breakthroughs.

Ohio’s versatile resources and competitive business climate are enticing domestic and international companies and investors to create new or to expand existing operations.

For example, UNITED GRINDING, a manufacturer based in Switzerland, opened its new North American headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio, in late 2017, but the opportunities for manufacturing growth in Ohio were great enough that the company is already expanding.

“UNITED GRINDING North America has observed and experienced a passion for creating a solid manufacturing base here in Ohio,” said Rodger Pinney, vice chairman of UNITED GRINDING’s board of directors. “UNITED GRINDING North America is also growing in Ohio because we have access to an exceptional workforce that is culturally dedicated and committed to doing its part in ensuring the company’s success. Bottom line, UNITED GRINDING North America is growing because we have ‘Made Ohio Home!’”

Since 2011, Ohio has been recognized as a state worth pursuing for business, climbing nationally ranked lists. Ohio’s success sends a strong message that has engaged entrepreneurs, middle market companies and Fortune 500 companies. This is one of the many reasons modern manufacturers need to be in Ohio.

A GE Aviation technician preps a LEAP engine for test in Peebles, OH. GE Aviation is headquartered in Ohio.

Innovation R&D
Ohio is pursuing the next generation of innovation, and there is a statewide dedication to research and development (R&D) in science and technology, guaranteeing that companies will receive avid support from the state on their R&D goals.

Ohio is comprised of academic institutions, federal research resources and industry-leading companies to keep businesses strong:
Academic: Ohio’s rich talent pool ensures manufacturing companies have access to skilled employees educated at some of the world’s best colleges and universities, including Youngstown State University, The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University.

Federal Research: NASA John H. Glenn Research Center, the University of Dayton Research Institute, The University of Akron College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Lab and Battelle Labs are accessible innovation partners in Ohio.

Industry Leading Companies: GE Aviation, Parker Hannifin, Cincinnati Milacron and First Solar have chosen Ohio in the pursuit of innovation.

Manufacturers can take advantage of four Manufacturing USA institutes – AmericaMakes, Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT), Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) and NextFlex – to accelerate the development and deployment of influential advancements in manufacturing such as additive manufacturing, advanced composites, lightweight materials and flexible electronics.

Ohio companies, organizations, schools and research institutes take pride in collaboration and continuously are finding new ways to push the boundaries of manufacturing. This creates an innovation network helping companies and Ohio’s manufacturing industry thrive, while also addressing needs and specific goals.

Acura, a division of American Honda, manufactures its next-generation supercar – the NSX – in Ohio at the Performance Manufacturing Center.

Skills for the Future
Ohio is where manufacturing talent and next-generation innovation come together to build the future of industry throughout the world. Ohio’s manufacturing workforce is strong. It is the third-largest in the United States, comprised of almost 700,000 workers, experienced in manufacturing for industrial, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, food and other industries. The workforce exemplifies the Midwestern work ethic of hard work and loyalty, with values centered around family.

Airstream, maker of the iconic silver bullet travel trailers, has been manufacturing in Ohio for more than 65 years.

“There’s a dedication to craftsmanship and quality,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream’s president and CEO. “People understand hard work, they understand loyalty, they understand what it is to be part of something bigger than themselves. You don’t find that just anywhere, and we find it in droves in western and central Ohio. Airstream has thrived here in Ohio.”

Economic development organizations, companies and resources across Ohio are implementing manufacturing workforce initiatives to keep the pipeline filled with qualified workers and to battle workforce gaps. These initiatives include opportunities for companies to influence workforce programs and access and obtain talent in Ohio.

Ohio’s Office of Workforce Transformation is developing a skilled workforce, promoting training programs and connecting Ohio employers with qualified workers through online career centers and in-depth labor information. Manufacturers can leverage resources like Workforce Success Measures, a statewide overview of Ohio’s workforce programs and their effectiveness in helping participants effectively develop in-demand skills and provide real-world value to businesses.

First Solar is a high-tech company leading the U.S. in building a sustainable energy future from Northwest Ohio.

The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) has launched workforce development initiatives that help manufacturers take a hands-on approach to industry workforce in Ohio. OMA’s “Making Ohio” campaign in conjunction with LIFT challenges misperceptions of modern manufacturing. OMA’s Industry Sector Partnerships put employers in contact within regional labor markets to ponder and identify solutions to common problems. This creates a pipeline of sought-after workers, increases efficiency in multiple areas and creates a unified network of advocates.

JobsOhio Assists
JobsOhio, a private nonprofit corporation, in collaboration with six regional and countless local economic development partners, is dedicated to keeping Ohio competitive for jobs and economic growth. Since its creation in 2011, JobsOhio has worked in partnership with companies to match companies’ needs to the assets and value Ohio provides, bringing success to companies and the communities where they invest.

JobsOhio has a unique model with an independent source of funding and a team of experienced business experts. In response to the needs of companies and site selectors, JobsOhio has created several programs and funding initiatives that make investing and growing in Ohio easier.

Airstream has been making its iconic silver trailers in Jackson Center, Ohio, since the 1950s, and it credits its ongoing success to a quality workforce.

Funding Programs:
• R&D Center Grant: Provides qualified companies with an incentive to establish new R&D centers in Ohio.
• JobsOhio Workforce Grant: Provides funding to companies for employee development and training programs.
• JobsOhio Revitalization Program: Provides loans and grants to help redevelop underutilized properties – both land and buildings – and put them back into productive use.

Project Program:
• SiteOhio: An in-depth, comprehensive review and analysis of sites that ensure they are move-in or build ready. This program includes due diligence studies, utility vetting and compatibility evaluation.

Ohio’s industries, organizations and people have set the foundation to continue success and move forward to an even brighter future. Whether it is advanced manufacturing or aerospace, automotive or technology, companies can join the countless leaders that already leverage Ohio’s assets, expertise and resources to innovate and grow by increasing efficiency, cutting costs and minimizing risk. JobsOhio and its partners across the state are prepared to help businesses be a part of it. T&ID


Innovation Infrastructure
Ohio provides the foundation for developing new materials, processes and information systems consisting of government, academic and private partner industry research facilities.
• Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership Network (MEP) includes: MAGNET, TechSolve, Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG), Fastlane and Oh! Manufacturing.
• Manufacturing USA: AmericaMakes, Lift, IACMI, NextFlex.
• JobsOhio R&D Grant Program.
• Innovation resources such as Otterbein University’s STEAM Innovation Center, NASA John H. Glenn Research Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Research Labs, University of Akron’s Polymer College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering and Battelle Memorial Institute.

Talent Ecosystem
Established academic-industry partnership helps Ohio offer Advanced Manufacturing companies access to an abundant, skilled talent pool.
• Third-largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S. at nearly 700,000.
• Ohio Manufacturing Association, in conjunction with JobsOhio and state agency stakeholders are coordinating STEM initiatives across Ohio.
• Workforce training, education and development opportunities available through technical centers, colleges and universities, mobile training labs and other workforce development initiatives.

Business Climate
Between a thriving ecosystem, affordability, reliability and a comprehensive logistics infrastructure, advanced manufacturers can thrive in Ohio.
• Lowest taxes in the Midwest for capital-intensive manufacturing.
• Water is plentiful, as is natural gas, and the electricity market is deregulated and very competitive.
• JobsOhio’s SiteOhio offers locations ready for development on day one.
• An integrated transportation infrastructure (roads, rails, water and air).