LIFT Off Webinar: Replay from Temper, Inc., Register for Applied Impulse

LIFT Off Webinar Replay: Temper, Inc.

Recently, LIFT member Temper, Inc. hosted a webinar focused on Current and Future Applications of Smart Susceptors and how Smart Susceptor technology brings a new level of composite processing to the market, specifically  in the automotive, aerospace, and wind energy sectors. Demonstrated applications include consolidation, co-consolidation, compression molding and welding of thermoplastic composites as well as heat blanket processing of thermoset composites.

Replay the Temper, Inc. webinar here.

LIFT Off Webinar Registration: Applied Impulse, Inc.

As a reminder, you are invited to join the next LIFT Off webinar featuring LIFT member Applied Impulse, Inc. on Thursday, July 23 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT as they discuss a new method of welding the company has developed.

Impulse manufacturing is a diverse technology, which can be practiced with several methods for various metalworking applications, including welding, forming, shearing and compaction. One of the main applications is impact welding, which has been traditionally effected with chemical explosives to drive large plates to speeds close to Mach 2 and weld them together upon impact.

Register for the webinar here.