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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

IGNITE – Mastering Manufacturing

A Foundational Curriculum to Prepare Students for the 21st Century Design and Production Environment

A 2015 Deloitte survey quantifies the need for skilled manufacturing workers over the next decade at about 3.5 million available jobs. The range of employment needs in manufacturing presents broad economic opportunities for prospective workers seeking great jobs and careers and a significant challenge for manufacturers who need workers with up-scaled knowledge and skills now described as “high tech” or “advanced manufacturing”. These requirements mean the U.S. must teach and train our next generation manufacturing workforce differently.

In response to this need, the Manufacturing USA Institutes funded by the Department of Defense together developed a foundational competency model for the “multi-skilled technician” needed in today’s workplace. That competency model has been translated to an educational and curriculum pathway that recognizes the next generation manufacturing technical workforce must, in fact, be a workforce of high skilled technicians – individuals with the knowledge, skills and abilities who understand materials science and can optimize manufacturing technologies, processes, and systems. That curriculum is IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing.

The Educational Pathway

Enrollment Into IGNITE Program
Common Employability
and IT Skills
Materials Science
Core Technical Skills
Advance Technical Skills
Tech Specific Competencies
Multi-Skilled Advanced
Manufacturing Technician

IGNITE Curriculum Pathway

Year 1
Semester 1

Introduction to Materials Sciences Materials Science and Engineering Design Cycle
Deep dives into metals, ceramics, polymers/composites, and materials engineering. The “art” of Scientific Journaling
Year 1
Semester 2

Manufacturing Metrics Plant Organization Principles of Materials
Manufacturing Process & Technologies
Safety Measurement
Engineering Drawing Reading Computer Aided Design & CNC
Programming Fluid Power Systems
AC/DC Electricty Robotics Programming
Year 2
[130 Hours]

Learn Manufacturing Machine and Materials Safety
Quality, Measurement & Control
Mechanical Drives
Fluid Power 2
Electricity & Electrical Relay Controls
Robotics 2
Computer Aided Design 2
Machine Tools
Year 3
[130 Hours]

Lean Manufacturing 2
Programmable Controllers
Fluid Power 3
Computer Aided Design 3
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Materials 2
Mold Design


Manufacturing USA Institutes

  • LIFT – Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow
  • DMDII – Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute
  • America Makes

Educational Organizations

  • Amatrol Inc.
  • ASM Materials Science Education Foundation
  • The Ohio State University
  • The PAST Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing?

IGNITE is an innovative high school curriculum that equips students with the mastery of manufacturing technologies, processes and systems to prepare them for careers in the 21st century production environment and/or the continuation of their education.

Can we implement the IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing curriculum at my school?

Yes, schools across the country are encouraged to adopt the IGNITE curriculum.

What equipment and materials are needed to run the curriculum?

Find the full equipment list here for each course. Schools can choose selected pieces of equipment for a course and blend it with simulation for other topics or acquire all of the listed equipment. The Materials Science portion of IGNITE does not require equipment.

Does the curriculum require Amatrol equipment or can other equipment be used?

Schools can choose to use any brand of equipment as long as it aligns with the curriculum. The IGNITE computer-based training curriculum theory and simulation content are independent of equipment and can be used stand-alone. The curriculum does include optional hands-on exercises which are matched to Amatrol equipment. If the school uses another brand of equipment, the school staff would need to develop or adapt lab activities for the equipment they use.

Is it possible to implement the curriculum without equipment since it is online based?

Yes, this is possible but it is not recommended. The IGNITE curriculum has been developed to ensure student interest and engagement. The curriculum has simulations in many sections that provide virtual hands-on experiences, and the curriculum itself is very complete. Student engagement will be challenging, though, if students are on computers for 100% of the class. In an ideal setting, the computer-based training should be no more than 50% of the class time.

Can we implement only a portion of the curriculum?

Yes, the curriculum can be implemented course by course.

Can any instructor run the class?

Yes, if the instructor attends training and has either a math, science or technology background. The curriculum is very complete, so instructors do not need to develop their own presentation or teaching materials.

Additionally, the Materials Science portion of the curriculum which happens in the first semester of the first year, is designed to be versatile and could be delivered in any core content classroom by any teacher.

Is training and professional development available for instructors?


Amatrol provides tuition-free teacher training for schools using Amatrol equipment.

The PAST Foundation offers P3: Applied-Materials Science online professional development multiple times per year. This is a 4-week combined online course paired with a workshop that explores ways to successfully deliver the activities through any content lens.

How does this curriculum integrate with the general education requirements in my state?

These courses should fit into any CTE requirement, but schools may need to get approval from the State Department of Education. The math and science activities should provide a positive reinforcement of concepts learned in math and science courses.

Each of the Materials Science modules are aligned to the 9-10 grade band Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Although individual states may vary as to when standards are delivered, all core concepts are shared with the national standards and meet general education standards.

Is there Perkins money available to support this program?

There may be Perkins funding available to support these courses. You should check with your state’s Department of Education for eligibility.

Will the students earn a credential of some kind?

The IGNITE curriculum does not proffer a credential, however students who complete the curriculum are well-prepared to pursue several nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials. Work is currently underway to define the additional coursework and learning that would allow a student to earn a national credential.

For what grade level is this curriculum recommended?

IGNITE is a three-year curriculum recommended for grades 9 through 12.

Are there prerequisites required?

There are no required prerequisites.

Is there any curriculum or preparatory materials that can be provided to students in middle school to prepare them for IGNITE?

A separate curriculum for lower levels does not exist, but selected elements of the Ignite curriculum could be used for middle school students.

Can a student earn college credit completing this program?

A dual-credit or dual-enrollment program is possible and would be created locally as a partnershp between secondary and post-secondary institutions.

How does this curriculum differ from other Amatrol curriculum?

The Ignite curriculum includes an additional Materials Science course and activities that are woven into other Amatrol curricula to provide a much higher emphasis on the impact of materials in advanced manufacturing. Also, the third year capstone project has been developed specifically for IGNITE to focus on emerging technologies.

Do the courses have to be delivered in the recommended sequence?

The introductory courses (Materials Science and Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing) can be taught in either order or independently. The Advanced Manufacturing Systems courses are designed to follow the introductory courses and must be taught in sequence.

Can the curriculum be modified to meet my student’s and local employer needs?

Yes. The curriculum consists of a series of modules. Schools can choose to add to this curriculum in any way that best serves local needs.

The Amatrol LMS that hosts the Ignite curriculum has the ability to integrate with other LMS systems seamlessly using the SCORM universal format.

How could work-based learning be integrated into IGNITE Curriculum?

Work-based learning is an excellent supplement to the curriculum. For example, students could secure summer internships to apply what they are learning throughout the year to a real world work environment.

What is the email address for IGNITE for more information or additional questions?

Email IGNITE@LIFT.Technology with questions or for more information.

What is the web site address for Ignite: Mastering Manufacturing?

Visit http://Lift.Technology/IGNITE

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