LIFT Off Webinar Presented By: QuesTek: Applications of Microstructure-Sensitive Fatigue Modeling

1:00 pm ET - 2:00 pm ET
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Join us as QuesTek delves into Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), leveraging technologies proven to reduce the development time and cost, and to increase the performance of novel materials. QuesTek is both a pioneer and current market leader in ICME.

Fatigue accounts for more than 50% of all failures in aerospace and is similarly prevalent in many other industries and applications. QuesTek will discuss how ICME can be used to predict fatigue, starting with theory and background and then expanding on real world applications. QuesTek will describe the importance of accounting for microstructure and how this modeling method differs from traditional approaches, with an emphasis on how it can be used to improve alloy development, qualification, and sustainment activities.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn why fatigue is important

2. Learn the basics of multi-stage fatigue theory

3. Learn how ICME modeling can be used to approach microstructure-sensitive fatigue predictions

4. Learn practical applications of this modeling for industry use cases