LIFT Off Webinar Presented By Lifeline Firehose: Providing Consistent Breathable Air to Firefighters

12:00 pm ET
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Please join us for a webinar on May 6 for an introduction to Lifeline Firehose.  The Lifeline Firehose is a new, revolutionary system that offers unlimited breathable air using a patented, coupler-design technology to deliver BOTH breathable air for respiration and water for firefighting, utilizing a firefighter’s existing buddy breather.

Some Technical Rescue Applications are: Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), HAZMAT, Confined Space, Overhaul/Washdown and powers air tools up to 8.4 cubic feet/minute.

Lifeline Firehose’s mission is to continue to reduce the risks involved in firefighting and offer solutions to one of the most dangerous aspects of the industry; Delivering continuous breathable air to first responders in mayday situations.