LIFT Off Webinar Presented by Eck Industries: Collaboration on Master Alloy Development

12:00 pm ET
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Eck Industries is a diversified producer of aluminum castings in sand and permanent mold for defense, general aviation, hybrid vehicle and aerospace markets. Eck produces castings from all commercial alloys but is especially well known for its expertise in the casting of high-strength aluminum alloys such as A201, A206 and A242. These strong alloys are often used for conversions of ferrous components or wrought aluminum products. Recent additions to our facility include extensive use of flexible automation for the pouring and cleaning of castings. Eck also has an active alloy development program which includes lower Si versions of 300 series alloys for higher elongations, Al-Ce alloys for high-temperature and corrosion resistant applications, and high modulus aluminum alloys.

Eck is collaborating with fellow LIFT member, Loukus Technologies, on new master alloy compositions for use in standard aluminum alloys to improve high temperature performance and stiffness as part of a LIFT funded effort.