LIFT Off Webinar Presented By CompuTherm: New Generation of CALPHAD Simulation Tool for ICME Applications

12:00 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET
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Computer simulation has played an important role in accelerated materials design and development. Among various types of science-based models and methods, the CALPHAD approach has been recognized as a key building block of ICME due to its successful application to technically important multicomponent systems. The capability of the CALPHAD-type of modeling tools has been greatly extended in the past couple of decades.

In this webinar, Dr. Fan Zhang will use Pandat software to demonstrate the progression of CALPHAD-type of software from the first generation for calculating multicomponent phase diagrams and thermodynamic properties to the second generation for simulating diffusion-controlled kinetic processes, such as diffusion and precipitation. She will also demonstrate recent development of Pandat software to the new generation which enables the simulation of microstructure evolution using phase field method. Application examples will be presented for a variety of alloys, including Al-based alloys, Ni-based alloys, as well as high entropy alloys.