LIFT Off Webinar Presented by Amatrol: Workforce Training & Development: A World-Class Approach

11:00 am ET - 12:00 pm ET
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The current demands on industry and manufacturing make it ever more important to adopt a sound approach to workforce training and development that focuses on an individual’s skills and abilities. This holds true for both an incumbent workforce, and the potential crop of new-hire associates.

Amatrol has developed a world-class approach to skill development across all of the major aspects of industrial core competencies, including electrical, mechanical, fluid power, electronics, and automation, just to name a few. Amatrol provides the ability to offer self-directed eLearning, and hands-on skill based training systems that efficiently focus on the skills most relevant to specific job roles and assigned tasks. Utilizing this blended approach helps improve production capacities and provides a measurable means of determining employee upgrade levels, opportunities for promotion, and organizational success.