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Good Vibes: Process Compensated Resonance Testing for Critical Components by Vibrant Corporation

Vibrant Corporation provides nondestructive evaluation (NDE) services to manufacturers and maintainers in the aerospace, power generation, and automotive industries. Vibrant uses Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT), a whole-field inspection that scans the resonance frequencies of a component with a swept sine input and analyzes them with machine learning and statistical analysis tools. A part with structural defects will have a different resonance signature than a part without flaws, just as a bell with a crack will ring differently from a flawless bell.

In production testing, the PCRT scan and analysis is performed automatically, requiring no operator interpretation of the results. Inspections with PCRT typically require less than 10 seconds to scan the part and return a Pass/Fail result. The whole field nature of PCRT enables inspection of highly complex part geometries. Parts require little to no preparation (such as coating removal) for PCRT inspection. Vibrant and PCRT have established a stellar track record of eliminating field failures in critical components.  Vibrant’s inspection services reduce costs, accelerate customer inspection throughput, and offer statistically rigorous tools for monitoring and controlling production processes.