LIFT Off Presented by Exum Instruments

12:00 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET
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New Technology for Rapid, High-Sensitivity Chemical Characterization

As advanced manufacturing continues to revolutionize material development, today’s engineers are faced with myriad new metal alloys and feedstocks. These materials require chemical characterization in order to validate research and verify quality. Further, additive manufacturing allows for the recycling of feedstock materials, which creates its own unique set of chemical characterization challenges. Using Exum’s patented Laser Ablation Laser Ionization (LALI) technology with industry-leading Time of Flight mass spectrometry, the Massbox offers high-sensitivity measurements of the full periodic table, chemical mapping, minimal sample preparation, and intuitive operations; allowing engineers to analyze solid samples like metal alloys, feedstock powders, and coatings. This presentation will describe the new technique, share example results, and discuss its anticipated uses within LIFT Headquarters.

Enabling materials scientists and engineers to spend less time acquiring data and more time learning from it, Exum builds instruments and software ecosystems that combine high performance with ease-of-use. Exum has applied decades of involvement with every common analytical technique available in modern labs to advance the Massbox from basic principles to a commercially available product. LIFT is one of Exum’s early adopting customers, and the team anticipates many jointly developed case studies on how the Massbox addresses the increasing analytical needs of the manufacturing industry.

What You’ll Learn Through This Webinar:

1. Despite the importance of understanding the composition of manufactured materials, performing chemical characterization is difficult and time-consuming, requiring multiple analytical instruments, complicated operational and calibration procedures, and trained chemists.
2. The innovative Massbox was designed to simplify chemical characterization and allow a user with no experience in mass spectrometry to obtain accurate bulk quantification and high-resolution chemical maps with minimal sample preparation and analysis time.