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Powertrain Cooling Solutions

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems is one of the global leaders for Engine Cooling on Military Land Vehicles. We supply over 80% of the Cooling Systems in Europe and have a strong presence in the United States as well as different markets around the globe. Our US location in Grand Rapids Michigan can deliver American made systems as well as on-site Product Engineering, Program Management, Prototyping and Testing, and After Sales Support with Spare Parts and Complete Systems Overhauling.

MAHLE Industrial will help design and develop complete cooling packages for each specific vehicle platform. Through Modeling & Simulation, we predict the accuracy of the designs prior to any components being produced. Prototypes and Production are then released per our customers’ requirements.

MAHLE will provide individual cooling applications in the form of single components or complete cooling modules including Radiators, Charge Air Coolers, Oil Coolers, and Transmission Oil Coolers including the matching Axial or Radial Fan Systems.