LIFT Off: Add Up Solutions

12:00 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET
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Additive Manufacturing in the Defense Industry

AddUp, a joint venture created by Michelin and Fives, is a global metal additive manufacturing (AM) OEM. AM offers numerous benefits when compared to traditional manufacturing. The process allows for the creation of complex geometries which are not obtainable using traditional forms of manufacturing. AM is ideal for replacement parts thanks to the digital design process and quick turnaround when compared to traditional manufacturing. And, AM also creates less material waste, providing cost reduction for high value parts. AM is used to create a large range of products across a growing number of industries including defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, tooling and energy.

The AddUp group specializes in two AM technologies: Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Directed Energy Deposition (DED). The combination of these processes allows AddUp customers the flexibility to choose the technology best suited for their specific application. This combination also offers a unique ability to meet technical challenges, such as manufacturing parts combining these complementary technologies. In addition to designing and building metal 3D printers, AddUp also works with customers to print production parts. AddUp is ITAR compliant with a new 20,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio equipped with a dedicated additive manufacturing workspace, metallurgical lab, applications training facility, and post-process machining department. AddUp can print your production parts in a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, tool steel, stainless steel or titanium.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Why use AM? Traditional manufacturing vs. AM
  • PBF and DED Technology ~ What applications suit each technology best?
  • How AM is Being Used in the Defense Industry
  • From Powder to Part ~ How AddUp can be your one-stop shop for metal AM