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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow
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Reaching Across the Pond

April 3, 2017

From the Desk of Executive Director Larry Brown

Larry BrownOver the past two months, we have been able to host delegations from Europe to talk about the work going on at LIFT by our members and partners, as well as the impact we are looking to have here in Detroit with the buildout of our headquarters.

In February, we hosted the Transatlantic Cluster Initiative from Germany, then in March we were able to host a 60-member delegation of business members from Germany and then a small group from the Netherlands.

Each of them were interested in what LIFT was doing in terms of lightweight metal manufacturing innovation – and all were impressed by the construction going on and equipment waiting to be installed in the high-bay.

Our focus remains on establishing the U.S. as the leader in lightweight metals manufacturing, and we are proud to tell that story around the world.

Facilities and Capabilities

As LIFT grows and our network expands, so too will our capabilities at headquarters – and our member – facilities.

Earlier this month, we were proud to unveil the LIFT Lab at Comau. This facility, at the Comau Innovation Center in Southfield, Michigan, is available for LIFT members to meet, work on projects and utilize the state-of-the-art equipment and expert Comau staff. It was a tremendous investment by Comau to dedicate part of their facility to LIFT and shows the confidence they have and we all have in the work we are doing and the sustainability of the institute going forward.

I’d encourage all LIFT members to visit the LIFT Lab at Comau and join me in thanking them for continuing to invest in LIFT.

We have also recently published two other pages on the LIFT website highlighting the facilities here at the Detroit headquarters – both our office space and the high-bay. The office area is available for use for meetings and tours and the high-bay construction will be completed later this year. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to see and learn more.

BIG Delivery

Earlier this month, a press from Shuler was delivered to our Detroit headquarters for use by IACMI – The Composites Institute in the high-bay.

Delivery day at LIFT

Delivery day at LIFT

The delivery was made by one of the biggest trucks I’ve seen – complete with 19 axles. It was an impressive delivery to be sure, and just a sign of the big things to come from both IACMI and LIFT here in Detroit.

To see the truck in action, click here.