Selected Projects

LIFT’s projects are driven by our ecosystem to meet the needs of American industry and the U.S. warfighter. From developing new materials, to exploring innovative processes and integrating them into new systems in aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and defense, LIFT’s projects are collaborative efforts between large and small industry, academia, research organizations and the government all to drive American manufacturing into the future.

Thermo-Mechanical Processing

Integration of ICME with Legacy and Novel TMP Processing for Assured Properties in Large Titanium Structures

This project focuses on reducing costs and development time for designing and testing titanium components by developing and validating integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) modeling.

Thermo-Mechanical Processing

Processing for Assured Properties in Al-Li Forgings by Development, Application and Validation of a Localized Physics-Based Visco-plastic Model

This two-phase project will develop, implement and validate a localized physics-based visco-plastic finite element model (FEM) to predict mechanical deformation response, damage evolution mechanisms, and…

Powder Processing

Development of Cost-Effective, Advanced Mechanical Alloying, Powder Consolidation Processes for Sub-Micron Reinforced AL MMCs

This project addresses the cost of Al-SiC metal- matrix composites (MMCs) derived from novel mechanically-alloyed powders. Considerations include process optimization, technical cost modeling and assessment…

Novel/Agile Processing

Agile Fabrication of Sheet Metal Components with Assured Properties

This project will develop tools that can determine optimal forming routes for the fabrication of sheet metal parts without using matching dies, and meet both…


Ricardo Defense Systems and LIFT Join Forces to Mitigate Risk to Armed Forces Personnel

Ricardo’s proven antilock brake and electronic stability control system to reduce fatalities in military vehicles is now available to Department of Defense HMMWVs nationwide and…

Thermo-Mechanical Processing

LIFT to Investigate Technology Aimed at Automotive Frame Mass and Weight Reduction

Initiative seeks to demonstrate effectiveness of new method for extruding lightweight metallic tubing using friction stir welding rather than traditional extrusion press.