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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow


Joining and Assembly

A key challenge for the application of lightweight metals to manufactured goods is joining them – to other lightweight metals, traditional steel alloys, or non-metallic materials.

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Coatings are more than paint. Emerging coating processes are modifying the surface of metals to enhance their performance in exciting new ways.

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Novel/Agile Processing

Often times, the pacing and cost of introducing new light metal components are overwhelmingly set by the required tools and dies.  New technologies such as incremental forming can eliminate dies entirely and new tool making methods and advanced machining can reduce cost and speed time to deployment.  LIFT is committed to developing these advanced technologies. 

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Thermo-mechanical Processing

TMP refers to advanced metal processing using heat and deformation and can be applied to forming operations including, as examples, forging, rolling and extrusion.

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Powder Processing

In powder processing, metal powder is generally squeezed, sintered and/or sprayed to form parts, sheet or plate, allowing great control over the final composition of the end product, its properties and yield.

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Melt Processing

Melt processing refers to manufacturing processes involving molten metal. Casting is one very well-known example of many that are being re-examined and transformed by new technologies and lightweight metals.

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