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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT Off Webinar Series

Innovation is at the heart of manufacturing. Often that innovation comes from startups or small and medium-sized companies that have a new idea on how to make something or an innovative process for creating something new.

At LIFT our mission is to support those companies and help their innovations flourish and find a foothold in the marketplace. With that goal in mind, we are proud to announce:

LIFT Off: A Technology Series for Small and Medium-sized Companies

Each month an LIFT member will be featured and will discuss the advanced manufacturing innovations they are working on. Please join us by registering below and checking out the list of upcoming speakers. If you have questions, or would like to be a speaker yourself, please click the Contact link to let us know.

Past Webinars:


  • August: Multi-Material Riveting – Dan Radomski, Optimal Inc.
  • September: Development of a New Aluminum HP Die Casting Alloy Targeting a 50% Increase in Strength and Elongation vs. Traditional Aluminum Alloys  – Subodh Das, Phinix
  • October: Lightweight Metals Enabling Software – Ravi Kunju, Altair
  • November: Smart Virtual Prototyping – Mark Doroudian, ESI


  • January: Leading Ultra Hard Armor Succeeds in Lightening Automotive Stampings 25-50% – Gary Cola, Flash Bainite
  • February: Morphing Software – Radha Krishnan, DEP
  • March: Cryogenic Machining – Bill Harwatch, 5ME
  • April: Lynn Brown, Aluminum Extrusion Council
  • May: Jiten Shah, PDA, LLC
  • June: Lightweight Auto Frame Collaboration – Gregg Peterson, LIFT/The Center
  • July: Rotational Friction Welding Process – Mike Spodar, Coldwater Machine Company
  • August: Weld Optimization – Fast CAE Modeling Techniques to reduce welds/weight while meeting performance and cost reduction targets – Radha Krishnan and Ray Chaney, Detroit Engineered Products
  • September: Lightweight AGV System – Jerry Vanneste, OmnicoAGV
  • October: Lightweight Casting Technologies – Jiten Shah, PDA, LLC
  • November: Lightweight Battery Trays for Electric Vehicles – Ron Gillingham, Munro & Associates


  • August: Accelerated Design of Metal Alloys by High-Throughput Calculation Using CALPHAD Simulation Tools –Fan Zhang, Computherm
  • September: The Next Generation of Alloys for Defense Applications – Carpenter Technology

LIFT Off June 2020 Temper Inc

LIFT Off Carpenter September 2019

August 2019 LIFT Off CompuTherm

LIFT Off Munro and Assoc 11 15 18

LIFT Off PDA 10 18 18

LIFT Off DEP August 2018

LIFT Off Coldwater Machine Company July 2018

June 2018 LIFT Off Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Past Webinar: PDA LLC (5-17-18)

Past Webinar: AEC (4-19-18)

Past Webinar: 5ME (3-15-18)

Past Webinar: DEP (2-15-18)

Past Webinar: Bainite (1-18-18)

Past Webinar: ESI (11-16-17)

Past Webinar: Altair (10-19-17)

Past Webinar: Phinix (9-21-17)

Past Webinar: Optimal Technologies LLC (8-7-17)