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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT Fast Forge Technology Projects

LIFT has launched a new technology development opportunity, specifically geared toward helping the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) community – including startups – better collaborate with LIFT’s Gold and Silver members as they strive toward technology adaptation.

The Fast Forge is designed to accelerate advanced lightweight metals technology development from a Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) of 4-7 to being ready for the marketplace in just six to eight months.

The Two Levels of Fast Forge

There are two levels in which companies can engage in the LIFT Fast Forge.

Level A – Projects are driven by LIFT’s Gold and Silver Member needs and the SME companies can submit solutions, with a funding limit of $200,000. The Gold or Silver member will review the proposed solutions and select one to build a project team around.

Level B – This new level provides up to $200,000 (with matching member contribution of cash, in-kind support, labor, equipment, etc.) for high-potential SME lightweighting projects.

Funding for both Level A and Level B projects are limited, so interested members should submit proposals as soon as possible. The LIFT team is expecting a funding approval turnaround of less than four weeks. The window to submit proposals will close when the funding is exhausted.

For additional details on Fast Forge and the PowerPoints templates to be used for proposal submission see below.

More Information on the Fast Forge Process


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