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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

Crosscutting Themes

The LIFT technology focus also includes themes which cut across each of the technology pillars, including design, life-cycle analysis, validation/certification, cost modeling, supply chain, corrosion, ballistic blast and integrated computational materials engineering (ICME).

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) has great promise in creating computer “super models” that combine a much wider array of materials information than were previously possible. Using these new computer models will speed up the development of manufacturing innovations.

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Provide guidance on establishing confidence in ICME models and tools through documentation, compliance with existing best practices, and computational uncertainty quantification support to guide efforts to improve predictive accuracy.


Provide guidance and support for developing new and/or upgrading current design processes and methods to insure they accurately integrate with and incorporate results from the improved ICME and Verification & Certification tools in order to better optimize component or sub-system design.

Cost Modeling

Provide guidance and analytical support during the Technology and Engineering & Manufacturing Development tasks in order to capture the real-time cost implications of technical decisions which helps improve the probability of integrated and optimized end product or process.

Supply Chain

Provide guidance and support for evaluating the economics of implementation/commercialization, including target applications, sales model, and corresponding capabilities of the supply network.

Life-cycle Analysis

Provide guidance and support to the Systems Engineering process to determine the impact of lightweighting on system level costs and lifecycle performance metrics for LIFT’s industrial partners.



Provide the simulation technology for determining the impact of new materials and manufacturing processes in the blast worthiness and ballistic performance of military systems; confirm the expected performance through experimentation.