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LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT: Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

Dennis Harwig

Dr. Dennis Harwig is an adjunct professor in welding engineering group, Materials Science & Engineering department at The Ohio State University (OSU); and Chief Innovation & Transition Officer for LIFT via OSU’s founding partnership. In this dual role, which he has had since Dec. 2015, Dr. Harwig leads business development and commercialization opportunities for LIFT.

Prior to joining OSU and LIFT, Harwig served as the Chief Technology Officer of the American Welding Society where he led three departments – Technical Services, Education Development, and Education Operations. Before joining AWS, Harwig held a variety of roles at LIFT founding member EWI, including Business Development Director (2008-2011), Navy Joining Center Director (2010-2013), and Center Development Director (2011-2013).

During his career, Harwig has also served as vice president of global product engineering; technology leader for arc welding, materials and automation; and as a research,welding and manufacturing engineer.

Dennis has published more than 110 presentations, proceedings, journal articles, and EWI Core Research Reports; recently served on nine AWS committees and three IIW committees; and developed eight patents.